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Moving or storing your clothes? You'll love how easy it is to load a wardrobe box, which holds two or three hanging garments. Our wardrobe boxes close securely to keep everything inside clean and undamaged. Each has a rail hanger that makes it fast and easy to transfer your hangers from your closet to the box. A handy cardboard wardrobe box is perfect for hanging up your clothes and keeping them wrinkle-free. Use them to store and transport your clothing, or keep empty boxes on hand for the next time you need to move or pack quickly. Our sturdy wardrobe boxes are made of quality cardboard built to last.

  • Keep your clothes looking sharp with our sturdy wardrobe boxes.
  • Our wardrobe boxes are designed to make your move easy.
  • This product is an add-on accessory only.


  • 160KT C Flute eco cardboard
  • Length: 510mm (20.0")
  • Width: 455mm (18.0")
  • Height: 1225mm (48.0")
  • Quantity: 1 Box & Rail
  • Printed: Yes
Our Wardrobe Boxes hold up to approx 20 large garments each.

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