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Our Standard Core Stretch Film makes it easy to safely wrap and protect items being shipped on pallets. Its durable polyethelyne formulation ensures superior performance for a variety of applications, and its high clarity lets you see the contents. The Stretch Film Standard Core Rolls are used to wrap around packages during transportation. This stretch film is your go-to packaging solution for shipping household goods, auto parts, medical equipment, and more. These are made up of advanced polymer material which is an efficient, clean, and economical way to meet your stretch wrap needs.

  • Weather-resistant and long-lasting.
  • These are made up of advanced polymer material.
  • A great choice for those seeking a basic solution at an affordable price.

Stretch Film - Standard Core
Stretch Film pallet wrap rolls with a Standard core, designed for use with a dispenser.
  • 4 Different sizes and thicknesses are available.
  • Available in Black or Clear
  • Protects goods from dampness, dust and dirt.
  • Cost-effective packaging material
  • Special full pallet deal on 60 packs

Available in black or clear, and from 14 to 23 microns.

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