Small Bubble Wrap 300mm x 100m

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Whether you're packing, moving, or storing your belongings, this small bubble wrap protects them from damage due to bumps and drops. Small bubble wrap is perfect for protecting fragile items during shipping. No matter where you're sending your treasures, add some bubble wrap to protect them on their journey. Made of lightweight and durable plastic, each sheet of bubble wrap features small bubbles in which to gently place your item while it's being transported safely. For small items that need protection, nothing is better than bubble wrap. It provides cushioning and support, protecting your valuables from aging or damage. It even expands, for those irregular objects with odd shapes and sizes.

  • Small bubbles provide cushioning and protection for valuable items during transit.
  • Protect your purchase safely with this small bubble wrap.
  • Make sure to keep items safe while they're in transit.


  • Width: 300mm
  • Length: 100m
  • Quantity: 1 Roll
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