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Whether you're labeling your personal belongings for moving or just looking for a way to identify your boxes, this handy pen is a great solution, ideal for marking boxes and packages. These sharpie permanent markers are perfect for labeling boxes and products as you pack and move. Made with high-quality inks for a permanent, fade- and water-resistant mark. This permanent marker is perfect for marking boxes, pallets, and labels, both in the office or warehouse. This permanent marker allows you to write directly onto boxes and packaging, helping you to identify and organize items in warehouses, stockrooms, and more. It's perfect for labeling your packages in transit to guard against theft and includes a self-sharpening point. If a permanent marker is what you need to mark boxes, packaging, or other nearby surfaces. Get yours today!

  • This marker pen is perfect for clear labeling on boxes and packaging.
  • This permanent marker pen is essential for any packer!
  • The pen writes on most surfaces.
Comes in Black, Red, or Blue.
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