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Use Loose Void Fill at home to fill in those unwelcoming, but necessary, holes created when your windows are replaced. In the garage, loft, or attic, use it to fill voids between boxes and belongings to keep pests, extreme temperatures, and moisture away from your most prized items. It can also be used as packing material for moving.  Loose-fill is a mix of clean, coarse raw materials that are used to fill the voids in concrete and related masonry products. Loose Fill is often used as a weighting material or for sound absorption, as well as for leveling. ​We can provide loose fill material in any quantity or color! We offer a variety of materials such as loose-fill including styrofoam, paper & cardboard, and plastic beads. Loose-fill is perfect for protecting fragile items such as picture frames, electronics, glassware, and more during transportation

  • Void fill is often used in shipping and handling to improve the efficiency of transportation.
  • Lightweight and good for large, irregularly-shaped items.
  • Perfect for protecting your items from dirt, moisture, and scratches during shipping.
  • 3 Cubic feet box
  • Length: 30.5cm
  • Width: 30.5cm
  • Height: 30.5cm
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