Herringbone Webbing Ties x 6 Rolls

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Made of durable nylon and cotton for a stable construction, these ties are ideal for securing bulky items or creating decorative bundles. The convenient spools each hold up to sixty feet of webbing, giving you plenty of material to use. The ties also feature a rugged herringbone weave that looks stylish while providing heavy-duty strength when needed most. Also, the buckle can be easily removed if you're using them to strap things together

  • Our Herringbone Webbing Ties are made from 100% cotton and nylon.
  • You can use these to strap down heaps of outdoor gear.
  • Great for creating a decorative, strong, and reusable leathercraft project.


  • Herringbone Webbing Ties x 6 Rolls.
  • Width: 44mm
  • Length: 20 Meters
  • Strength: 900lbs Breaking Point Test
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