Corrugated Rolls

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Need to ship glass or other breakable items? Corrugated rolls offer great protection and cushioning for fragile items. Corrugated rolls were designed to protect products against surface abrasion and crushing. Whether you need to protect a shipping product, pack away items in your home or business, or package up food for a picnic, these rolls are perfect for the task. Grow your business with strong, versatile corrugated rolls. A common choice for both short- and long-term storage as well as transportation, corrugated cardboard has a durable strength that's more than equal to the task of safeguarding your products.

  • Corrugated roll is a protective and economical packaging product.
  • It has a lightweight structure but is made out of strong materials.
  • Corrugated rolls are a great way to protect your stuff.


  • Manufactured from recycled paper.
  • Width: 600mm
  • Available in Rolls of either 5 or 75 Metres
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