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You have a lot of CDs and DVDs. And they own a lot of space in your house or office, not to mention that finding a certain CD in your collection can sometimes be a real pain. CD DVD Boxes, CD DVD Storage. A compact solution to your DVD storage problem. By using DVD boxes you can substantially reduce the amount of space required for storing your disks, making a much smaller tangled collection, and making it easier to find the disk you are looking for.

  • These are also very popular at Christmas time!
  • Keep your collection easily accessible with this storage box.
  • Stylish and Sturdy CD DVD Boxes.


  • 10 X CD & DVD moving and storage boxes
  • CD and DVD box with opening lid, no tape needed to construct.
  • Ideal for moving but also a great way of storing all your CDs and DVDs away and CDs.
  • Holds approx: 30 x DVDs or 40 x CDs.
  • Length: 584mm
  • Width: 152mm
  • Height: 152mm
  • Quantity: 10 Boxes
  • Printed: Yes
  • Construction: No tape needed self to assemble.
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