Black 25 Micron Stretch Film

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Secure small shipments with our lightweight and puncture-resistant 25-micron film. The stretch wrap is designed to hold pallets together securely and protect them from dirt, moisture, scratching, etc. Highly stretchable making it lighter to handle and cheaper to use than strapping or tape. This pre-stretched hand stretch wrap is the perfect choice for quick and efficient wrapping by hand. This black 25-micron stretch film is great for moving and storing, a handheld dispenser makes securing pallets or containing items easy, with a strong stretch and a quick return to shape. A non-migratory adhesive formula holds your goods in place without transferring them to boxes.

  • This black stretch film protects your products and maximizes warehouse efficiency.
  • The tough and economical film supports bulky loads.
  • Can be used on any machine or by hand.

• 4 Different sizes and thicknesses available.
• Available in Black or Clear
• Protects goods from dampness, dust, and dirt.
• Cost-effective packaging material
* Special full pallet deal on 60 packs

Available in black or clear, and from 14 to 23 microns.

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