4 Bedroom House Moving kit

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When it comes to furniture and décor, you have to make a lot of choices. So we made packing the most important part easy with the Bedroom Moving Pack. This special set makes storage and transport a snap. This 4 bedroom house moving kit contains all the packing supplies you need to help you and your family move into a new home with ease. You will be equipped for any item you have in your home. Soft furnishing and electrical items, as well as bulky kitchen appliances. Pack this box with anything you want! These boxes are specifically designed to help you pack heavy items, such as large appliances, furniture, or stacks of books.

  • Let us do the heavy lifting for you!
  • Pack with ease and keep your mind at ease.
  • This kit is filled with essential boxes and packing supplies.

10 X Small house moving boxes (12"x9"x9.5")
15 X General house moving boxes(18"x13"x13")
10 X Medium house moving boxes (18"x13"x13")
5 X Large house moving boxes (18"x18"x22")
2 X 50 Acid Free Tissue Sheets
2 X Bubble wrap (300mm X 10 meters)
2 X Packing tape
2 X Permanent Maker Pen

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