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This Tape Dispenser Gun is a convenient and easy-to-use tape dispenser. This is the ideal tool for painting, climbing, home improvement, and more. With this Tape Dispenser Gun, it's so easy to use: simply push the button down to release the appropriate length of tape needed for the job and shoot out your line. The built-in cutter will cut off any unused part of the line you do not need. Hook this gun up to your wall or carry it around with you with an included hook and it will be inactive use throughout your home! Multifunctional - You can not only use these guns for taping things up but also temporarily attach wrapping paper, gift wrapping, holding paper together, or as an emergency hairpin/tie pin holder.

  • If you need tape, grab the handle and go.
  • It's a true game-changer
  • Great for use at home or in the office,!


  • Holds standard 66M X 48mm rolls of tape.
  • Easily able to adjust the tightness of the gun to your preference.
  • Tape dispensers are ideal when doing a lot of packing.
  • These tape dispensers fit perfectly with our 66M x 48mm range of packing tapes.

Cheap and efficient way to speed up the packing process.
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