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Packing paper gives you an eco-friendly, economical way to wrap fragile dishes and glasses. It is the ideal packing product for protecting your fragile possessions during their travels. Plus, you can use these sheets for storage, for wrapping framed artwork, wall décor, and other un-framed items. Pack and ship plates, bric-a-brac, glassware, mugs, bowls, and more using these packing paper sheets. Each sheet is large enough to easily cover small to medium-sized dishes. Let your imagination run wild - use each sheet for wrapping gifts for birthdays, weddings, or other special occasions! Use these packing papers to protect your valuables and sensitive items.

  • Each sheet is acid-free, strong, and provides excellent protection from dust and scratches.
  • Use our packing paper for wrapping dishes, glasses, artwork, and other fragile items.
  • This packing paper is great for packing or art projects.


  • 100 sheets 2kg mini pack or 500 sheets 10kg full pack to choose from
  • Length: 750mm
  • Width: 500mm
  • Colour: White
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