Jiffy Small Bubble Wrap 1200mm x 100m

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  • General purpose bubble wrap, made from small bubbles. The most popular type of bubble wrap in general use
  • Includes Jiffy Astro SupraBubble 'barrier' bubble wrap (10mm x 3.5mm bubbles)
  • Low-cost premium bubble wrap also available (10mm x 3mm bubbles)
  • Each roll of 100m bubble wrap - Jiffy roll diameter 610mm, IMG Packaging roll diameter 500mm
  • Premium easy-tear rolls can be easily and quickly torn in lines
  • Can be ordered in large volumes at low prices
  • Premium easy tear contains 30% recycled content,  avoiding the Plastic Packaging Tax to keep costs down. 

Small bubble wrap

For customers requiring additional interior protection for fragile or delicate products, we offer a range of small bubble wrap products. Bubble wrap is often used to fill empty interior spaces of boxes and packages, forcing products to remain immobile during the shipping process. This can prove invaluable for companies and organisations transporting items that can easily be broken during transit.

The most popular type of bubble wrap in general use. Perfect for protecting valuable items in transit and storage. Being flexible helps bubble conform to the shape of your product, whilst the lightweight nature helps lower delivery costs.

Premium small bubble wrap

Because there are so many sizes and shapes to contend with in any dispatch department, our small bubble wrap is ideal for general usage. Made with bubbles that are 10mm in diameter, it can be shaped to match any contour, so you can be sure your consignment is protected at all times.

'Small bubble wrap' refers to the fact it is manufactured with small bubbles. Each has a diameter of 10mm and a height of 3.5mm. It is suitable for both heavy and lightweight items on longer storage or journey cycles.

Every IMG Packaging small bubble wrap roll is 100% recyclable, a major consideration in the current business world. We are able to offer our customers rapid, free delivery, and some appealing price discounts for larger order quantities.

Our small bubble wrap products are available in a range of sizes. Each roll of bubble wrap is between 1500mm and 300mm wide, allowing customers to find the exact product they require. Each of our heavy duty bubble wrap rolls can be formed and shaped to match the specific dimensions of your item. Additionally, each of our bubble wrap rolls is 100% recyclable, providing our customers with an efficient and environmentally friendly packaging product.

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