Recycling at parks and beaches

Call for improved recycling facilities at parks & beaches

Catherine Edwards

Parks and beaches are the most in need of improved recycling facilities, according to new research by Every Can Counts.

Nearly seven in 10 Brits (68%) think these public spaces lack sufficient recycling facilities, following their increased use over spring and summer due to Covid restrictions.

This is up from 54% who felt more bins were needed in 2020.

Six in 10 also feel that a greater number of on-street bins are required to make recycling easier on-the-go, and 55% are calling for more recycling points at music and sporting events.

The not-for-profit drink can recycling organisation surveyed more than 6,000 people throughout the UK on their views about recycling and the environment.

Of those polled, nearly three-quarters (73%) say they would recycle more while away from home if there were more recycling points – up from just 46% in 2020.

People also felt that clearer signage on recycling bins and more recyclable packaging would also improve on-the-go recycling rates.

Chris Latham-Warde, programme manager for Every Can Counts, said: “With so many people spending more time outdoors and in public places like parks since the pandemic, it’s perhaps not surprising that this has heavily influenced their views on the recycling facilities needed.

“Knowing what motivates people to recycle and any barriers in place will help us to close the loop entirely for drink cans – our ultimate goal is to achieve a 100% recycling rate.”

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