Fragile packing materials for your house move

5 Smashing Ideas to Protect Your Fragile Items Perfectly in Transit

Misheck Mupachike

For many of us, at some point in our life, we’ve had to pack our precious fragile items into a cardboard box and simply ‘hope for the best’ when it comes to re-opening the package on the other side. We can’t control that someone might throw our goods over the fence or around their van but there sure are ways in which we can stop the impact on our package!

Packaging fragile items can be a difficult task. There are many different materials that need to be considered, and the right choice will depend on your item’s specific needs and how far your items are travelling. Here is some advice for how to properly protect your fragile item in transit.

Choosing Your Outer-Packaging

The first thing is to ensure that your main form of protection is sufficient for the weight and size of the items. For fragile goods, we’d always recommend using a Double Wall box. Made from two layers of corrugated cardboard, Double Wall boxes are our go-to to ensure we have an added layer of protection from any external damages. Alongside this, most fragile items tend to be heavy. Double Wall boxes have a greater weight-bearing load, so you can be sure that your special occasion dinner plates, or your customers orders stay inside the box!

Boxes are also an eco-friendly option for packaging, are 100% recyclable and biodegradable and have a vast amount of space to customise; whether it be adding your customers address or simply writing on the contents of the box to refer back to later.


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