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Moving blankets are professional quality furniture pads that act as a layer of protection for your furniture and walls when moving or in storage. Our reusable padding will guard against scratches, dents, and dirt while moving boxes, furniture, and other fragile items. Moving blankets are one of the best commercial and residential moving supplies. Our furniture removal blankets are perfect for protecting large items from dirt and damage during moving. The heavy-duty fabric is designed to protect furniture when it's time to move. Can also be used as a dry barrier between wet outdoor items and the interior of a vehicle. More cost-effective than plastic wrap, with easier transport and disposal.

  • Your items will be protected from scratching and any other damage
  • This moving blanket is designed for professional movers
  • It is also useful for packing up a truck when you are moving.


  • Quantity: 15 Removal Blankets
  • Width: 2000mm (80")
  • Length: 1500mm (60")
  • Colour: Gray