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Linen Box is a high-end hotel sensation offering you the finest linens, bath products, and personalized services delivered straight to your door. We've carefully curated every piece of linen from our collection to ensure we offer easy care and durability. Most importantly, we want this feeling of sleep, luxury, and being pampered to come through each time you open one of our boxes. The Linen Box is a basket that can be utilized as a hamper, laundry bag, or storage container. An ideal addition to any dorm room or off-campus housing, the linen box never has to leave the student's bedroom. An innovative, flexible organizing system that keeps all your stuff in one place, neat and tidy, and easy to find when you need it, no matter how messy your bathroom is.

  • The liners inside keep items separated and clean.
  • The perfect solution for organization, transporting, and storing pillows, blankets, sleeping bags.
  • Choose from charming designs and colors for every occasion and mood.


  • 140KT BX Flute double wall cardboard
  • Length: 914mm (36")
  • Width: 457mm (18")
  • Height: 254mm (10")
  • Cubic: 106 Litres