King Size Mattress Cover

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When moving with a mattress, it can sometimes be difficult to keep the cleanliness of the sheets being used on a bubbly mattress. A king-size moving mattress cover takes care of that by covering the mattress before packing and then keeping mattresses protected during transportation. Make your move easier with this soft mattress cover. Our king-size moving mattress cover easily fits over any standard box spring and provides light cushioning to make your move smoother. It protects your mattress during the moving process, or while storing an extra bed away. King size moving mattress cover is the perfect mattress cover to protect your mattress against dirt, spills, and whatever else life throws at it.

  • Keep your mattress clean and protected with this king-size mattress encasement.
  • Protect your mattress against dirt, dust, and other elements.
  • Meet your new mattress protector.