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These extra-large moving boxes are great for packing and moving items. They stack easily using the same footprint as standard size moving boxes, but hold more product. Each box also features handles on all 2 sides as well as reinforced double-stitched seams. These boxes are great for IT equipment, tools, appliances, and sensitive electronics! These boxes are made from sturdy corrugated cardboard, so you can handle them with confidence and strength, double-stacking or carrying them if you need to.

  • Utilize these extra-large moving boxes for heavy-duty transport.
  • Large moving boxes that will make your move easier.
  • Constructed of 100% recycled material.


  • Standard brown Kraft finish
  • Carry hand holes
  • Can be reused or recycled
  • Cardboard: 140kt BC Flute
  • Length: 457mm (18,0’’)
  • Width: 457mm (18,0’’)
  • Height: 762mm (30.0")
  • Cubic: 155 Litres