Clear 25 Micron Stretch Film

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Clear your mind of troublesome problems and envision how well the Clear 25 Micron Stretch Film will do the job of protecting and packing your items. The film is easy to tear and remains strong even through the coldest and most humid months of the year. Users who have used our product give great reviews, citing its reliability exceeding what they paid for. Furthermore, consumers mention that it is simple to stretch around objects; this allows for a tighter fit so their items don't jiggle or move around in the box. Its slender but sturdy construction ensures that your item will be well protected

  • Easy to use. Just wrap it on!
  • Uses in the kitchen, garage, and around the house.
  • The strong, durable design protects and secures products.
  • 4 Different sizes and thicknesses are available.
  • • Available in Black or Clear
  • • Protects goods from dampness, dust, and dirt.
  • • Cost-effective packaging material
  • * Special full pallet deal on 60 packs
Available in black or clear, and from 14 to 23 microns.